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What our clients say

Ray Bannister, Managing Director, Aims Direct Ltd
In the 35 years I have been in business for myself I have had a number of accountancy firms, small, medium and large. The reason I have changed is usually due to prices creeping up without justification and complacency. When I met Andy Parker I was pleasantly surprised by his open and frank approach and in particular his transparency to fees.

At the time I met Andy I had asked a number of firms to quote for our business and the one firm of a similar size to Parker Chartered Accountantds quoted four times more to do the same work. I find Andy very proactive and always able to give good advice. Also tax partner Richard White is extremely knowledgeable and helpful, always ensuring that any unfinished business is addressed to ensure we the customer do not incur unnecessary penalties.

For the first time in 35 years I have had no hesitation in recommending Andy and Parker Chartered Accountants.
DH, Birmingham
Parker explained the tax planning in detail, went through the risks thus allowing me to make a valued business decision on this type of planning and whether it was suitable for my business. They then assisted with the implementation from the beginning, a process that took around four weeks in all.
AL, London
Thanks to Parker Chartered Accountants and Financial Advisors when I bought my new home in London I was able to save £30,000. It was simple – they explained the approach I needed to take and arranged all the paperwork to make it happen.

DS, Birmingham
I am very thankful to Parker Chartered Accountants and Financial Advisors for introducing me to their tax planning . The planning is easy to operate, I was able to speak to others using the planning and I have greatly reduced my tax bills.
Nigel Shanahan, Managing Director, Rapide Communication Ltd
Andy is an accountant and IFA, which is a great mix. He is hugely knowledgeable, really responsive and very thorough. I have already recommended him to friends because I know that he is acting on my interests rather than his own. That is not a feeling I have had in the past when receiving advice. If that advice means Andy and the team earn commissions, that is entirely reasonable in my opinion, and will have been well earned.
Tim Morris, Applause IT Ltd
Applause IT Recruitment Ltd has been working with Parker Chartered Accountants + Financial Advisors since late 2005 when we were very impressed with one of Andy Parker’s “A Day” pension’s talks for business owners at Aston Science Park that year.

Since then Parker has become our one stop shop for company accounting, pensions and investment advice and increasingly tax planning type services. Throughout we have found Andy and his colleagues to be friendly, knowledgeable and reactive to our needs. Also highly proactive in bringing new products and developments to our attention, which have proved highly beneficial to our company. The quality of the work is always high and Andy is very good at making fairly complex finance oriented propositions understandable to our more recruitment focussed brains!
Fleur Sexton, Progressive Educational Tools Ltd
Parker Chartered Accountants have been great, each month they provide our meeting with financial accounts, key performance indicators, variances from budget, projected cash flows and summary of where the cash has gone.
They have helped us grow the company, structure the organisation and get all key employees involved. We are delighted.
Harry Stott,
The thoroughness of the Parker Financial Planning approach is impressive, particularly the skilful way they worked with me to carefully define what I want to achieve with my pension fund, and to assess my level of risk acceptance.

They're good at communicating, very easy to work with, don't waste time unnecessarily, and always exhibit a high level of professional skills, resources and practical know-how. I've seen a number of pension advisers in action, and am very pleased to have Parker Financial Planning acting for me
Chris, Progressive Educational Tools
We were looking for a financial partner to help us take our business to new levels, and moving our accounting to Parker’s was a business decision we have been rewarded for on a regular basis. In addition to accounting they have assisted us with growth planning, analysis and projections at various stages of the growth of our business, and the implementation of the all-important underlying financial management processes to track and run our business.

Parker offer us so much more than we’ve had in the past. They combine financial diligence and professionalism with a level of business awareness and insight which adds real value to every interaction. They enhance our business - we see them as a crucial part of our business and wouldn’t be without them.
Jim, J.B. Gray & M.A. Gray
We have been using the services of Parker Financial Advisors for almost two years and it has been a pleasure to deal with them. Andy Parker is professional and knowledgeable in his approach to investment opportunities and strategy.

Together with Andy we have completely reviewed and reorganised our investments portfolio and made provisions for the future. We now feel more confident that we have done the best we can to meet our financial requirements. Andy will offer different options for discussion at our meetings and guide us through the merits of each possible course of action.

Previously we have used large financial planning organisations to advise and implement changes to our portfolio but they always lacked the personal touch.

We have no hesitation in recommending Parker’s.
Mark, Techniques Surfaces UK Ltd
I’ve always found Parker’s to be a friendly, efficient and professional outfit who manage both our annual audit and tax affairs without any fuss, coping with our complicated Group reporting regime and its’ almost impossibly short deadline. They have turned what was previously the most demanding period of the year into a stress-free exercise in which I now have total confidence.

We quickly established an excellent working relationship with Andy and his team and have frequently sought and taken their advice on a range of financial and taxation matters. Similarly, during this time they’ve developed a thorough understanding of our business and the exceptional demands of both the market that we operate in and the Group that we work for.

I firmly believe that the nature of our working relationship with Parkers is an example that other members of their profession should aspire to.

Parker Chartered Accountants and Financial Advisors is the trading name for Parker Business Development Ltd (Registered No. 4116664), Parker Tax and Trust Ltd (Registered No. 06950353) and Parker Financial Planning LLP (Registered No. OC347027). Parker Financial Planning LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. All companies are registered in England and Wales – registered office contact details here