Great Financial Ideas Newsletter - January 2011

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The success of your business in 2011 may very well depend upon your ability to set and achieve the right business goals during the year. But to be really successful you need to do more than simply set goals. You must also be able to create goals that are both achievable and inspiring, and that the people who work for and with you will be proud to adopt as their own.

Here are our suggestions for setting effective goals in 2011.

Set your personal goals first
When you want to take your business in a new direction and begin implementing serious goal setting it is best to start by looking in the mirror. As the head of the company you need to have your own personal goals and plans for your future success and the betterment of yourself and your family.

When you’ve set goals for yourself you’ll be better prepared to serve as an example to others when you set goals for your business. You’ll also have a little perspective when it comes to planning for the successful achievement of these goals.

Set goals that are realistic and visionary
Your goals should be big but achievable. Your goals need to challenge your business, your employees, and your business model while leaving you all room to succeed and achieve those goals.

It’s essential that your goals are realistic. If you set the bar too high then you’re setting yourself, your business, and every member of your team up for failure. No one likes to feel like a failure. Eventually people will stop trying to reach goals they feel are impossible. It’s a fine balance but one you can find.

Create an atmosphere of positive attitudes, ideas, plans, and dreams for your company and rely on the people that are making your business grow now for truly visionary ideas for expansion and growth in the future. Some of their ideas may surprise and inspire you.

Creating a plan to meet your goals
Once the goals are set you need to roll out a plan of action designed to make it happen. A great way to do this is to break down each goal into individual steps and schedule in the time to make these steps happen. Small changes in processes, work habits and business attitudes can mean big changes for the bottom line and the future of your business. When everyone in the company is on board making these changes each and every day there is no limit to how far your business can go in 2011.

Good luck and here’s to a year of achieving big, challenging goals for us all.

Andy Parker
Chartered Accountant and Business Advisor

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Andy Parker
Parker Chartered Accountants + Financial Advisors

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