The case for information security

Data loss or misuse can happen to any organisation, large or small, just ask the Department for Work and Pensions (Fresh Data Loss Embarrassment for Government) and the Ministry of Defence who have both had embarrassing experiences over recent years.

As companies use more information technologies for communication and data storage, its integrity is sadly often overlooked and rarely policed.

ISO27001, the Information Security Standard provides a structured approach to planning, implementing and managing information securely within your organisation. For your customers ISO 27001 compliance provides reassurance, that you take information security management seriously and a demonstration that the security of their information is paramount.

ISO 27001 compliance can often provide a competitive edge by meeting contractual and tender requirements, especially for large business and public sector contracts.

For your business ISO 27001 provides:

  • a common framework for the implementation, measurement and management of information security
  • a risk-based approach to planning and implementing an Information Security Management system
  • a proactive approach to Information Security Management
  • systems to ensure the right people, processes, procedures and systems are in place to protect your information assets
  • focus on the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets in your business

The prospect of embarking on the ISO27001 information security standard can be daunting. Getting up front advice and support is essential. Our free ISO 27001 benchmark survey is a useful introduction to the Standard for many organisations.

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