How we work

As consultants with a focus on information security management systems and control we work with businesses to help review, assess and implement information plans, policies and systems to meet ISO27001 and related Standards.

If you are looking for support to reach the Standard, need an assessment to demonstrate your compliance with the Standards or simply want a better understanding of whether ISO27001 will bring benefits to your business, we can help.

The first stage is for our lead consultant to visit your organisation to discuss the merits of the particular Standard and its applicability to your operations.

If your enquiry is about ISO27001 Information Security Management this initial meeting normally lasts between one and two hours, and will include a presentation on ISO27001, explaining its history, context and structure as well as commercial benefits with reference to relevant case studies.

You will have the opportunity of putting forward your concerns and we will do our best to provide honest answers and practical solutions.

ISO 27001 Benchmark Survey

Our ‘no-fee’ ISO 27001 benchmark survey, will assess your organisation against the Information Security Management Standard.

On completion of the benchmark survey a report is produced covering the areas from the Standard deemed relevant and conclusions which will be discussed by your lead consultant and your management team.

The survey establishes your position against the requirements of the Standard, and allows a follow on discussion to focus on: applicability, resources and cost implications.

Should you wish to proceed with ISO27001 a detailed proposal and quotation will be prepared demonstrating how Parker Management Consultants will support your organisation with ISO27001 implementation.

Small Business ISO27001 Solution

Working with many smaller and medium sized businesses over the years we appreciate that the big firm consultancy approach to ISO27001, or indeed any other Standard, is often inappropriate. Parker Management Consultants offer a highly popular small business ISO27001 solution that gets organisations moving towards the ISO27001 Information Security Management Standard at a fraction of the cost of the traditional route, but with no reduction of quality. Incorporating our unique web based ISO27001 portal and interactive training quiz for all employees on data security it makes the Standard real and relevant in the small business environment.

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